Friday, October 13, 2006

Guacamole and Fancy Mexican

On Wednesday I had the luck of having lunch with Ashley, Leslie and Blazer at the Mexican place at Atlantic Station. I am still not sure how I feel about Atlantic Station. They have a nice movie theatre, but it kind of reminds me of Underground Atlanta in its day. I just don't see people hanging out down there like they do at the other malls. Maybe I am wrong, but why would you go there when Lenox is five miles away and has a gazillion stores? Right now I think people still go down because it is new, but in a few years, I sort of expect it to lose tenants and become another Shannon mall (sorry southsiders) . In addition, while finding parking is quite easy, I have had horrible luck with trying to get out. Everytime either the machines aren't working, or I am behind someone who can't grasp the concept of put the ticket in and pull it back out.

However, back to my meal. C and I had eaten there before and while the place is quite nice in appearance, I do not recall thinking the food was all that. As such, I felt like lunch might be okay but I was not expecting anything other than the joy of hanging out with former KPMG'ers.

To my surprise, I had a quite pleasant meal. As would be expected we began with a batch of the guacamole. Last time I had it, they added way too much salt and while it was still quite fresh and tasty, it was a bit much. This time it was fantastic. Not a whole lot to guac, but still remarkably easy for Mexican restaurants to mess up. The chips were fine, although they would be much better if they brought them out of a heated fryer than from a row of baskets on a cart. But I may be a little overly critical. Last time I tried some sort of chicken dish which I remember thinking would give me heartburn and was not very tasty. Way to high on the orangy sauce they put on burritos. This time I had a quesidilla with steak that was quite good. It sort of reminded me of the ones they serve at the Mediterranean restaurant near our house which they call something fancy, but is basically pita bread pressed panini style with thin pieces of strip steak in it. I must admit, I would have liked some salsa to eat with it other than the green stuff that everyone seems to put on food now. I am not sure why, as I personally find it always real sour without being all that hot. I find this quite puzzling. Sort of like why Moe's can't have a decent salsa. I mean how hard is it? Give me some cursed tomatoes.

Nonetheless, while I still find the place way too expensive for Mexican food and while the concept is kind of clever, I still think I prefer El Azteca overall. So much cheaper, much worse for you and no attempts to get fancy. However, if you go, I would recommend this quesidilla. Just don't ask for our server who may very well have been present physically, I am not sure he had any real functioning going on in his head. He may have been training, but for the love, show a little spirit. And by the way, on our way out, some lady was trying to figure out the parking machine while listening to someone over the "help" speaker, explain how to put the ticket in, and pull it back out. I do not lie.


At 7:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

M,are you a frustrated food critic? I definitely see a second career for you. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the south american restaurant Tierra. Not for the little ladies but for you and C. Very good cuisine, in my opinion. Located on Piedmont near 14th.

At 2:54 PM, Blogger Michael said...

More a frustrated food critic critic.


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