Friday, October 06, 2006

A slight case of nausea

The girls and I just returned from the 2006 version of the Greek Festival. Fortunately for us, Christine has a new friend at ballet that lives directly across the street and let us park in front of her house. Very nice, but not as sweet as when the swat team of police swarmed out onto Clairmont to stop 4 lanes of traffic from mowing us down. Needless to say C was pretty jazzed.

After arriving, we held EC down and convinced her we needed to eat prior to riding the rides. This may not have been the best idea. We started with a couple of gyros, some Greek pizza, a basket of Greek fries, and a beer.

The gyro was severely lacking in both flavor and quality. The cucumber sauce had little to no taste and the meat could have been a whole lot crispier. Sort of like they cut the meat off the skewer, but didn't get just the outside. Mostly the inside of the meat. Okay, but kind of smooshie.

The pizza was typical. I am not a huge fan of Greek pizza, but the lil' ones seemed to enjoy it. The potatoes, however were excellent. They were not too salty and quite crispy for potato wedges. I can recall that last year's batch was quite soft and way to covered in seasonings. This was a pleasant experience. I didn't need ketchup this year, but it would have been nice for the gyro.

After dinner we watched some highly entertaining dancing by Nat-Nat. She was competing with the actual dance troupe on stage, and I assure you she was much better. Not that they weren't good, just kind of boring. Oh yeah, and they brought Ken Cook up on stage and he said a few words. I have promised not to rant but I am still not convinced weathermen qualify as celebrities. Willard Scott, Al Roker, maybe, but not Ken Cook. Anyway that was a definite highlight.

Anyway, after our meal I took N to get some baklava ice cream. This is outstanding. No more needs to be said. Then we started on the spinning rides. EC convinced me to join her on a "tea-cup" style spinning ride. This was fine and dandy until it lasted for somewhere around 20 minutes and by the time I was done, my dinner was screaming out Opa. (not to be convinced with the Schmidt's grandfather, O-Pa) I don't normally get motion sickness, but my belly is not feeling so hot. One more spinning ride for me and I was done. I am still not doing so well, and will most likely lay down soon.

That is about it. To summarize, gyro and pizza, not so good; potatoes and baklava, good; 2 spinning rides 15 minutes after eating, not so good.


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