Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sum, ergo edo.

I am, therefore I eat. Good idea, M:)

A week ago, during Shelly & Charles' wedding weekend in Chicago, I had the pleasure of staying with my good college friend, Melissa Murphey. She and her sister, Maura, took me out to a yummy little tapas restaurant, "N" ( don't know how to put the little spanish accent on top of "N"). Anyway, excellent broiled beef and a dipping sauce of olive oil, lots of garlic, basil and parsley to use for anything on your plate. The three of us will at some point try to recreate this sauce. Main reason for this entry is the LOVELY bottle of wine we shared, an Argentinian wine called Patagonian. A little taste of it was enough to coax me out of my self imposed alcohol abstinence induced by a crazy 48 hour flu bug... but I can't remember what type of wine it was. Meliss?? Do you still have the picture of the label on your camera phone???


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